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Donald Robinson, the owner of Surgical Auto Repair, established his auto repair shop in the hopes of breathing customer service into the automotive industry. With his satisfaction-driven methods and customer-focused practices, he’s done just that. Technicians at Surgical Auto Repair uphold these same values, which is why Surgical Auto Repair has evolved into a reputable automotive repair facility. Between our proficient technicians and efficient technicians, our team of professionals is top-of-the-line. Partnering with our technicians ensures a hassle-free experience that places the customer at the forefront. Best of all, we deliver reliable, affordable, and prompt solutions that guarantee peace of mind. Gain access to experienced and courteous technicians when you employ Surgical Auto Repair.


As a kid, Donald was highly interested in the way things operated. If there was an issue, he wanted to know how to fix it. His innate problem-solving skills inspired him to pursue a career as a technician. In Donald’s eyes, the automotive industry combines science with art, which are two fields he’s fond of. He worked for two different dealerships and an independent shop before striking out on his own. Upon discovering the shortage of customer service in his industry, Donald made it his mission to make the experience enjoyable for clients. He’s been serving the community in this way for over two decades and hopes his shop will remain a sought-after source for auto repair.